Making calls with Lync 2010 from the taskbar

We’ve recently migrated to Microsoft Lync Server 2010, and I got a couple of questions from people who got tired of bringing up the Lync client each time they had to make a call.
I tried searching around for custom Lync toolbars, but there doesn’t seem to be any available, and I figured out why.

To make a call from the Windows taskbar, do the following:

  1. Right-click the taskbar, select «Toolbars» and add «Address».
  2. You’ll get a nifty little address bar docked to your taskbar.
  3. Type in «tel:», followed by the number you’d like to call, and press enter.

    Lync will now pop up, and you have to click to dial.

You can also use «im:» to start IM sessions, see this handy guide for more tips.

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Sysadmin. Firewalls, networking, AD, oh my!

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Sysadmin. Firewalls, networking, AD, oh my!

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